Vocab Blast: Homonyms

By Miranda Carter

What are Homonyms?

Homonyms are words that sound the same but have entirely different meanings. For example, leak and leek. If your sink is dripping, it is leaking; a leek is a type of onion. Use the quiz below to test your knowledge of homonyms.

This is a silver quiz. If you’re a Silver member of English with a Smile you can do the quiz online and check your answers.

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1. Great/Grate

A. Tonight I am making pizza, so I need to ____________ some cheese.

B. I love pizza; I think it’s ____________.


2. Peace/Piece

A. Nelson Mandela worked to achieve world ____________.

B. I think I’ll have another ____________ of pie.


3. Prey/Pray

A. Mice are the ____________ of house cats.

B. She likes to ____________ before bed.


4. Ate/Eight

A. My cousin just turned ____________.

B. I’m so full because I ____________ dinner earlier.


5. Blew/Blue

A. The football coach ____________ his whistle at the team.

B. The afternoon sky is bright ____________.


6. Board/Bored

A. I was ____________ earlier, so I went for a walk.

B. The school ____________ voted against extra funding for the theater department.


7. But/Butt

A. Esmée likes coffee ____________ she doesn’t like it with milk.

B. He always makes fun of his little sister. She’s the ____________ of his jokes.


8. Capital/Capitol

A. Proper nouns (names) begin with ____________ letters.

B. The state ____________ is not a very big city.


9. Carat/Carrot

A. I have a 14 ____________ diamond engagement ring.

B. My salad had lettuce, onion, and ____________.


10. Course/Coarse

A. Horses have very ____________ hair.

B. Which ____________ should I take this semester?

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