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Are You Working More Seriously than Most Other People? – A Short Explanation about How to Use Comparatives and Superlatives with Adverbs

Do you know how to use more seriously and the most seriously and stuff like that?

Then you might be able to do the online quiz without instruction. (Follow the link.)

If not, watch this video first:


Choose a suitable adverb.


Rina is a good piano player, but she plays __________ than Billy.

Answer: worse.
Follow the link to do the quiz online and check your answers.

1 Ben is a good card player. His little brother, on the other hand, plays really __________.

2 Marian is a better liar than her husband. She lies ____________ than him.

3 Do you take your job seriously or do you take your hobbies _____________?

4 Xander’s the last to finish his meal again. He sure is eating ___________ than a tortoise.

5 Bernard is a quick cyclist. In fact he cycles __________ than all of us, but he isn’t the quickest uphill.

6 I work really hard. If I work any __________ than today, you can call an ambulance.

7 Paris isn’t very careful with her new expensive camera. She should handle her camera ____________!
8 Only regular practice can make you a good dancer. I don’t know how you can expect to dance well without practising ____________ than you do now.

9 Paul’s a regular guest at our home. Recently, he said he would like to eat with us even _____________.

10 Helen doesn’t speak clearly, so I have to ask her all the time: “Sorry, could you speak ____________?”


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