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Short Stories

Very short stories with quizzes, especially written for English learners. The stories are entertaining and not too complex, yet you may learn a few new words!

I love writing stories, and my students often ask me for stories to read.
Some of my stories aren’t suitable for English learners. These ones are. Lots of stories are too long and/or too difficult for English learners. They’re too much trouble.

So I had this idea that you would probably like to read shorter stories that aren’t too long and that aren’t too tiring.
After each story, there is a quiz. The answers are at the end of the book.
If it’s still a little hard, try story number 3 first. That one is easier than the others.

Of course you don’t have to do the quizzes. But lots of my students love to do quizzes, and they do help you understand and learn words better.

A tip about difficult words: The idea is that you try to guess the meaning of words that you don’t know. But using a dictionary is okay too! Kindle has an automatic English-English dictionary that you should download. Once you’ve downloaded it you can just click on the word and the explanation will pop up.

As a reader of my website says: “Your lessons are so easy to understand!” – Tu Anh

By the way, most of these stories really happened!

Writing Guide

Want to improve your English writing? You buy my writing manual on Amazon:


To buy at the American Amazon click here:

Price is $4.99

The UK Amazon (and other versions in the world) offers the same book a bit cheaper:

Price is £1.94

What’s it about? 

This guide teaches you the basics of good writing. Any good writing. You can apply the tips to letters, emails and essays.

Some of the topics in this book: 

Step 1: Making Short(er) Sentences
Step 2: Stating the Purpose of What You’re Writing Clearly

Step 3: Finding and Ordering Your Subject

Step 4: Dividing a Text into Paragraphs

Step 5: Using Appropriate Connectors

Step 6: Structure Your Writing

Bonus Step: A Trick to Make Your Sentences Logical and Easier to Understand

Every chapter has exercises and answers.
Here are some recommendations:
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Value February 8, 2013

A great value. Five Stars!

This book is packed with great tips for those who need to get immediate results toward improving their basic writing skills. I wish I had read it before writing my epic novel. I would have saved myself the daunting task of editing countless errors. I can tell this book was written by a teacher, because it makes no assumptions about the students level of proficiency. The book gets into the lesson plans without the reader suffering excess verbiage.

I would have liked to see a short chapter on basic punctuation included, but you can’t always cover everyone’s weakness in one volume. The beginning writer or student will find a valuable tutorial in these pages to help communicate effectively.

James A. Wright, author of : “Destiny Comes on the Wind – The Legend of Opechancanough”

4.0 out of 5 stars Whip your essays into shape October 6, 2012
By Jason
A very nice book, covering the basics of how to turn “blah” into “wow!” with simple tricks like connectors, short sentences, and vivid details. I liked that there were lots and lots of examples given. Definitely pick it up if you’re looking to improve your writing style.
4.0 out of 5 stars A clear focus! September 9, 2012
Excellent! This guide is focus on clear and precise writing. It’ll save you and your addressees the time you spent on getting to the point.
If you’re not happy with the results you got from this book, you can get an easy refund from Amazon.

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