Effective Ways to Finish the Academic Year Strong

It often happens that students work hard the whole year but give up in the end. They relax thinking about the summer holidays. Most of them are sure that nothing bad might happen due to their persistent work and sound reputation. Unfortunately, it often leads to negative consequences like failed exams, papers, and, eventually, worse… Continue reading Effective Ways to Finish the Academic Year Strong

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Sentence Transformation with Though

Though is normally used as a less formal form of although. And you can use although to express a contrast between two facts. Often, the contrast will be surprising. Here is an example: Although it had been raining for weeks, nobody got depressed. You’d expect people to get depressed when they see nothing but rain,… Continue reading Sentence Transformation with Though

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Word to the Wise: reprieve

reprieve (verb) – to prevent/postpone (put at a later date) or bring relief (make something less serious or hard) reprieve (noun) – something that is prevented, postponed or that brings relief It was discovered that the exam questions had been leaked, so the exam was reprieved. The convinced criminal’s punishment was reprieved as new evidence had… Continue reading Word to the Wise: reprieve

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