Jacqueline Schaalje Author Page

Jacqueline Schaalje, winner of the Florida Review Editor’s Prize 2022, has published poetry and short fiction, most recently in The Comstock Review, The Friday Poem, California Quarterly, and Painted, spoken. She is in the W2W mentoring program of AWP (Sept-Dec 2022). She has received scholarships at the Southampton Writers Conference and International Women’s Writing Guild, and was a finalist in a few competitions, among which Live Canon’s and Alpine Fellowship. She is a translation editor at MAYDAY. She earned her MA in English from the University of Amsterdam.

List of published poems, stories and book reviews:

Cat in the Bag, Christmas Duplex
Pembroke Magazine, to be published Spring 2023

Review of Liminal and Nadir by Laura Fusco
MAYDAY, November 2022

Longlist Live Canon Competition and Anthology, Autumn 2022

aChord Newsletter, Autumn 2022

Orca on the Beach (Sijos)
Florida Review, Editor’s Prize, to be published Spring 2023

W2W mentoring program
AWP, September to December 2022, mentor: Michael Meyerhofer

Heads in Clouds, Rain
When it Rains it Pours Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, Autumn 2022

Book Review of Owner of the Sea by Richard Price
MAYDAY, September 2022

Sunday to Gouda
Globe Soup Short Memoir, honourable mention August 2022

Night Dress
Alternative Field Notes, later this year

Click, Havoc in Heaven, Song Lyrics
Ace Eshed, July 2022

Between the head and toes you begin to unravel, Anemone
Painted, spoken, number 36, 2022

Elderly Poet
aChord Newsletter, Summer 2022

Saving a Herring
The Comstock Review, Spring/Summer 2022

Candy Crush
Sunspot Literary Journal, Finalist, Spring 2022

Wind-up people
The Friday Poem, 11 March 2022

Orca School
California Quarterly, vol. 47 no. 3, Autumn 2021

Oprelle’s “Bigger Than Me” Anthology Poetry Contest, Third Place, later this year

Mother and the Flowers
MAYDAY, December 2021

Hannukafest Writer room sketches
The Stage Tel Aviv, December 2021

Death Threat One-act play (the third play in the link is mine)
Actathon Tel Aviv, 16 October 2021

The High Jump Fraternization, Apricots Bouncing (two poems)
In Parentheses, October 2021

Orange Flames (flash story)
In Parentheses, October 2021

All The Things I Missed
Constellations, Volume 11, Fall 2021

Six Sentences, June 2021

Pancake Day
Free State Review, Issue 14 Summer/Fall 2021

The lightness in my head is the voice of a flickering candle
Sad Girls Lit Blog, July 2021

Pry Open My Fist
The Closed Eye Open, July 2021

Bird Migrations
London Grip New Poetry, June 2021

Vegetation Story, He Gives Me a Pear from his Garden
Hole in the Head Review, May 2021

Holocaust Reremembrance
Halah, April 2021, read in Jerusalem for Holocaust Remembrance Day, 7 April 2021, Event Recording on Jerusalism FB Page.

Autumn Switch
Thimble Magazine, Spring 2021

Once I Was a Lighthouse
Talking Writing, March 2021

Kissing with Jackals in the Background, Gwadodyn of the Soul
My reading of “Kissing” is at 17:22 minutes. Arc Israel, Winter 2020

Wild Roof Journal, January 2021

He Gives Me a Pear from his Garden
Finalist Globe Soup Autumn Competition, November 2020 (unpublished)

The Statue and The Trail
The Banyan Review, September 2020

To Carry Sand in Your Wedding Shoes 
HerWords, Summer 2020

Daniella Has Good Lungs 
Shortlist Live Canon Competition, October 2020

Daytrip to Bethlehem
Sunspot Lit, Shortlisted, August 2020

Sunspot Lit, Honorable Mention, Summer 2020

The Juliets 
Photograph in Toho Journal Online, Spring/Summer 2020

Tempest Song: Butterflies  
Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Summer 2020

Blood Averse  
Kind Writers, Honorable Mention, Summer 2020

Dust to Dusting
Talking Writing, Spring 2020

My Circle. Accompanying piece in Writing in a Crisis (scroll down to bottom of page).

Femicide of the Muse
Heirlock Magazine, Winter 2019

Before her Time
The Write Launch, Winter 2019

When Your Mother Gets Old
Crosswinds, Spring 2019

Family at Sea
Grist, Winter 2019

He asks if I cheat on him after he hasn’t been in touch for two weeks; The Impossibility of Making Love; Plaything
arc (Israel), Winter 2019

After an Accident
Frontier Poetry, August 2018

Dante’s Lines; Mouthings; If You Know Snow; Reassembly: The City with a Heart
Sixfold, Summer 2018

The Hum
Sky Island Journal, June 2018

The God Girl
Massachusetts Review, Winter 2018

Interview with Myself During the War
On the Premises, Autumn 2015