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Invitations 2: How to Decline an Invitation + Quiz

In this video you will learn how to politely and effectively decline an invitation. It means that when someone asks you to do something together or go out together, you will be able to say thank you, but I can’t — in a nice way. Earlier Videos about Invitations and Accepting an Invitation In case… Continue reading Invitations 2: How to Decline an Invitation + Quiz

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Irregular Verbs with –en Infographic

Participles ending in –en: driven, ridden, spoken. By Jacqueline Schaalje Have a look at this infographic for a quick reminder on some common irregular verbs. If you need help with the tenses, check this out. This article explains about the differences between past simple (in which you need V2) and present perfect (in which you use… Continue reading Irregular Verbs with –en Infographic

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