Vocab Blast: Homonyms Quiz 2

By Miranda Carter

What are homonyms?

Homonyms are words that sound the same but have entirely different meanings.

For example, leak and leek. If your sink is dripping, it is leaking; a leek is a type of onion. Use the quiz below to test your knowledge of homonyms.

This is a silver quiz. If you’re a Silver Member of English with a Smile you can do the quiz online and check your answers.

dropsDew Drops ("Daisy Drops") by John Flannery


Choose the correct word.

1. Clothes/Close

A. When you leave the house make sure you ____________ the door.

B. Your ____________ are all over the floor!

2. Kernel/Colonel

A. Her father was a ____________ in the US Army.

B. I have a corn ____________ stuck in my teeth.

3. Die/Dye

A. What do you think happens after you ____________?

B. I bought some red ____________ for my hair.

4. Dew/Do

A. In the morning you can see ____________, or small drops of water, on the grass.

B. What should we ____________ tonight?

Moyan Brenn

5. Dual/Duel

A. Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of America, died in a ____________.

B. I have two passports, so I am a ____________ citizen.

6. Facts/Fax

A. Did you receive my ____________? I also sent an email.

B. Science is based on ____________.

7. Fair/Fare

A. Excuse me, what is the train ____________?

B. I didn’t think the judge’s ruling was very ____________.

8. Grease/Greece

A. I would love to visit ____________. It is a beautiful country.

B. Please put some ____________ in the frying pan – butter or oil are both fine.

9. He’ll/Heal

A. In time the cut on my arm will ____________.

B. ____________ want to go to sleep during his flight.

10. Hours/Ours

A. Which room is ____________?

B. How many ____________ are in a day?


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