Hi friends,

English with a Smile is mostly written by me and some guest bloggers and teachers.

My name is Jacqueline Schaalje and I’m an English teacher living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have an MA in English and have ten years of experience teaching thousands of students of all ages and levels.

With this blog I aim to reach ESL students with tips that I know really work to make your English better. I also enjoy being in contact with students and teachers from different places (although I don’t have time to talk long on Skype, sorry). I learn from you to be an even better teacher.

You may use all pictures in this blog; please add a link to my blog to show where you found it.    oudelande

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi MAM.
    How i improve my English Language. I have no confidence to speak someone else. Would you have any idea to get more nd more confidence.


    1. Hi Khalid, I understand your problem. Would it help you to know that almost every other person has a confidence problem? And it gets worse when you have to speak in a foreign language. So it’s actually quite normal to be afraid to open your mouth. The only way to overcome this and get better fighting your fear is just do it. Start saying simple things at work or when you travel. If this is too much, you can first practise speaking with a friend who also wants to learn English. Here are some tips for that: https://englishwithasmile.org/2014/09/26/learning-english-from-a-friend/


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  3. Hello, Jacqueline Schaalje I am Shakyba Ahmed from Maldives. I want to improve my English,How to start rightly and i want to speak gud english but i am confuse about some grammar… I hope you will help me…


    1. Hi Shakyba,
      You can start reading and practising right away on my website (exercises are on englishwithasmile.net). If you need any special subject, let me know.


  4. Hello, Jacqueline Schaalje I am Mojibar Rahman and Bangladeshi Bangali. I very happy for find your blog. I am improve an English speaking, writing and listen. i hope you help me,


  5. Hello, Jacqueline Schaalje, My name is Delger who is mongolian. I am really happy for suddenly find your blog and connected with you. I am really want to improve my english and use that for official document and agreements. How to start rightly and with system of education. i hope you will be respond to me… thanks teacher


      1. hello madam
        i want to speak gud english but i m confused that from where i have to start.


      2. You can do many exercises on my website, and in addition buy extra exercises. To practise your speaking, find an English teacher, but a friend who has good English may also help.


  6. I’m still confused where to use article like ‘a,an and the,’ so i want to know detail about the article.


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