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Vocab Blast #1: Business

By Miranda Carter

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Welcome to Vocab Blast #1 Business! Read through each word and its definition, then take the quiz below. If you think you know business words perfectly, you can go to the quiz directly. No peeking!

 *Boss – a person in charge of a worker or organization.

At work, my boss is actually really nice. She makes work fun!

*Leave Of Absence A period of time during which a person is allowed to take off work.

When Ashley was pregnant, she took a leave of absence from work.

*Deadline – the latest time or date by which something should be completed.

She stayed up all night working on the project, hoping to meet the next morning’s deadline.

*Portfolio – A collection of investments, such as shares, bonds, etc., which are owned by an individual or organisation.

He spent years building his stock market portfolio.

*Abstract – A brief summary covering the main points of a written article or research project.

The article costs money, but you can read the abstract for free.

*Bonus – An extra sum of money given to an employee on top of their salary, often for achieving targets.

Every Christmas, the company owner gives his top salespeople a $500 bonus!

*Marketing – the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Our sales have been low this month, so we really need to work on a new marketing plan.

*Stipend – A fixed, often modest, payment, usually made on a regular basis, to someone for living expenses.

My job doesn’t have a salary, but I receive a stipend of $200 a week for my work.

*Social Media – websites and applications used for social networking.

Social media accounts are a great way to advertise your business for free.

*Networking – building relationships with other people, businesses, or clients.

My company has been working hard on a new networking program. We want to get our name out there!


Now try the Quiz. Do this quiz online here and check your answers right away!

1. bonuMy boss wants to start using ______________ websites like Facebook to promote our company.

2. Jenny’s first job out of college was an unpaid internship. She received a daily ______________ for lunch and travel.

3. Matt was so busy that he completely forgot about the project ______________ and didn’t turn his work in on time.

4. Amanda’s coworker had cancer. She was going to be okay, but she decided work was too stressful. She decided to take a ______________ during treatment.

5. I am so tired of my manager at work telling me what to do! One day, I am going to quit, start my own business, and become my own ______________. That way, I’ll make all the rules.

6. Sales have been great this month. I think it’s because of the ______________ I have been doing – I’ve met so many new people and promoted my business.

7. One of the most important things a business can do is create a strong ______________ program. It’s a great way to advertise and share information about a product.

8. My ______________ wasn’t very strong after real estate school, but once I sold my first few properties it became quite impressive.

9. I have to write an ______________ for a very long article about investing money.

10. I made the most sales last month, so I received a $100 ______________. I’m going to pay off my credit card!

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