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Word to the Wise: reprieve

reprieve (verb) – to prevent/postpone (put at a later date) or bring relief (make something less serious or hard) reprieve (noun) – something that is prevented, postponed or that brings relief It was discovered that the exam questions had been leaked, so the exam was reprieved. The convinced criminal’s punishment was reprieved as new evidence had… Continue reading Word to the Wise: reprieve

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Word to the Wise: baffle

baffle (verb) – confuse, be or make unable to understand baffled/baffling (adjective) – confused/confusing, unable to understand Examples of how you can use baffle: His behaviour lately baffled his professors. Why had his grades gone down so much? Your question baffles me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find out an answer. With a… Continue reading Word to the Wise: baffle

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Looking Stuff Up in An Effective Way using Easy & Fast Digital Tools

… to check whether your English is correct When you write an email or chat with someone in English, for work, study or fun, you don’t want to ask a native speaker to proofread what you’ve written. Often there is no time for someone else to check it. Besides, you will never learn how to… Continue reading Looking Stuff Up in An Effective Way using Easy & Fast Digital Tools

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