Word to the Wise: jibe

Have a good look at the meanings of this word. It means something completely different when it is a verb or when it is a noun!

jibe (noun) – aggressive remark

jibe (verb) – agree with, consistent with


Examples of how you can use jibe:

After he aimed that jibe at an overweight co-worker in our office, I’m trying to stay away from him as much as possible.

The newspaper’s racist jibe directed at new immigrants caused many readers to send upset emails.

This signature on the cheque doesn’t jibe with the one that we have on file. Could it be a false one?

The results from the survey don’t jibe with the research that we executed only recently.

Her remarks don’t jibe with her personality. Did she have a bad day or something?

Her ageless face doesn’t jibe with the age given in her passport.

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