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Easy Grammar: Has and Have

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Now a really easy grammar subject: has and have.

When do you use have and when has?

Look at the picture. What do you see?


A man hugging his son.

The man has a son.

Note: I’m only going to talk about present simple tense, and not about any other tense. There are some other uses of has, but I will talk about them separately.

Both has and have mean that someone or something belongs to this person. It’s his.

Here is an example for things. I can say: I have a pen.

This means the pen is mine.

Let’s look at some more examples. Carefully read the example sentences.


Have is used for I, we, you, and they.


I have I have a pen.
You have You have brown hair.
We have We have a computer.
They have They have a big house.


Has is only used in affirmative (= positive) sentences. You won’t find has in negative sentences and not in questions.

Has is used for he, she and it.


He has He has a dog.
She has She has four grandparents.
It has The camera has an inbuilt microphone.
red noseNathan Jones

Have in Questions

You always use have in questions, for all the pronouns.


Do I have? Do I have a red nose?
Do you have? Do you have a bicycle?
Does he have? Does he have a day off on Friday?
Does she have? When does she go to the market?
Does it have? Does the club have exclusive members?
Do we have? Why do we have three exams this week?
Do they have? Who do they have as friends?

As you can see, you can put a question word (when, who, where, why, what, etc) before the yes/no question with do or does.

Have in Negative Sentences

And you also use have in negative sentences, for all the pronouns.


I don’t have I don’t have your book, sorry.
You don’t have You don’t have any children.
He doesn’t have He doesn’t have a winter coat.
She doesn’t have She doesn’t have any time today.
It doesn’t have The cake doesn’t have any candles.
We don’t have We don’t have an idea right now.
They don’t have They don’t have much experience.

So now you have examples of all its uses, and you’re ready for the quiz.

And guess what, the quiz is easy too.


Click here to do this quiz online.

Choose between has and have.

1 Elena _________ a yellow bag and a red one.

2 I don’t ___________ anything more to say.

3 What does she ___________ in her bag?

4 Do you __________ any children?

5 Does he ___________ your number?

6 Do you _______ any change from 10 pounds?

7 They both __________ green eyes.

8 Her brother __________ grey eyes.

9 Do they ___________ any questions?

10 We don’t ___________ that product in our shop.

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