Are you afraid from spiders? – Prepositions

spiderJohn Fladd

If you think the question in the title of this article is perfectly okay, it’s time you did an exercise about prepositions.

What are prepositions?

Prepositions are the little words such as: on, at, in, for, from, of, to, over, under, above, behind, etc.

In the exercise you will find some common expressions that you really need to know (I think!).

Preposition Exercise

Click here to do this exercise online.

Fill in: at, with, on, in, of, for, etc.

1.  He’s good ___________ football. He’s the top scorer at his club.
2.  Don’t laugh __________ me. I’m only a beginner.
3.  My teenage daughter has just slammed the door. I think she’s angry __________ me.
4.  I’m dependent _______ my colleague to give me input about the article that I’ve written.
5.  She was disappointed ____________the 3D version of the film.
6.  Are you afraid __________ spiders?
7.  I can’t meet you ____________ lunch, because I have a client visiting me.
8.  What are you doing __________ the weekend?
9.  Mr. Peterson needs some more information ___________ the accommodations in the Wild Nature Resort.
10.  One ____________ every eight men are colour blind.
11.  Sandra is working __________the research department.
12.  Darren is happy ___________   his new girlfriend.
13.  As a tour guide, he’s responsible __________ getting his group of twenty travellers safely home.
14.  ____________ my opinion, Annette is wrong.
15.  _____________  the one hand, I think you have a point. _____________   the other hand, I think you should look at it differently.

 Want to do more preposition exercises?

Prepositions: At, in, on

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