So Did You Want More Prepositions? – Common Prepositions in Business English

Just to recap, prepositions are the little words such as: on, at, in, for, from, of, to, over, under, above, behind, etc.


Business Preposition Exercise:


Some common prepositions in business talk that everybody should know.

Fill in: with, for, to, of, in, etc.


1.  Thank you ________  your letter  ____________   21 May.
2.  I’m afraid Mr. Jensen isn’t  ___________   right now. But he’ll call you back.
3.  Please complete the form  __________   full and sign ___________   the bottom.
4.  We recommend our heavy subscription  ____________   all our heavy users.
5.  She deals  __________   annoying clients regularly and still manages to maintain her sense of humour.
6.  There’s been a steep price increase  ____________   28%.
7.  My advice is based  ___________   solid market surveys.
8.  You can pay for the software license  _________   instalments _____________   1250 dollars.
9.  They are well-known  ____________   their friendly customer service.
10.  Sybil has considerable experience  ____________   her field.
11.  As a VIP-member you’re entitled  ___________   attend our annual ball.
12.  It’s regrettable that the prototype isn’t consistent  ______________   our demands.
13.  _____________   retrospect, we shouldn’t have laid ___________   so many employees.

Scroll down for the answers.









1. for, of

2. in

3. in, at

4. for

5.  with

6. by

7. on

8. in, of

9. for

10. in

11. to

12. with

13. In, off



If you want to do the first preposition exercise again, it’s here.

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