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Roundup of Similes and Metaphors

I’ve been spending a few hours tidying stuff on my websites again. Good idea, right? Here is a roundup of all the stuff on my website that teaches you about Similes and Metaphors: Learning about Similes  Here is an easy Quiz with similes (for beginners)  Learning about Similes and Metaphors  Try Inventing Your Own Similes… Continue reading Roundup of Similes and Metaphors

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simile and metaphor

Similes and Metaphors – How to Compare Things in English

By Jacqueline Schaalje What’s Analogy? Analogies come in handy in cases you’d like to describe an experience, person, place, or thing. Instead of saying they are big, boring, exciting, etc., you can compare this thing’s qualities to the qualities of some other thing (or person etc.). Analogies is when you compare important qualities of one thing to… Continue reading Similes and Metaphors – How to Compare Things in English

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