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Roundup of Similes and Metaphors

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I’ve been spending a few hours tidying stuff on my websites again. Good idea, right?

Here is a roundup of all the stuff on my website that teaches you about Similes and Metaphors:

Learning about Similes 

Here is an easy Quiz with similes (for beginners) 

Learning about Similes and Metaphors 

Try Inventing Your Own Similes

Now that you got all this inspiration, try some similes of your own too.

Finish the following sentences with a simile or try to use a metaphor:

I love my friend/spouse/partner like …

I loathe (= hate) work as much as …

Coming home after a long day is like …

Teaching my kids how to behave is like … (em, if you have kids, that is)

Getting up in the morning when it’s still dark and cold is …

I can type as … as …

My colleague drinks as much coffee as …

My favourite dress/sweater/shirt fits me like …

My dream house is as … as …

Do you have any examples of your own?

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