Word to the Wise: deprecating and self-deprecating

deprecate (verb) – disapprove, belittle (make fun of something)

deprecating (adjective) – critical, disapproving, belittling (making fun of something)

deprecatingly (adverb) – critically, disapprovingly, making fun of something

self-deprecating (adjective) – modest and critical about yourself, especially in a humorous way

Cory Doctorow

Here are some examples of how you can use deprecating and self-deprecating:

Try not to deprecate his study habits so much. All ways lead to Rome.

That politician surely will not be voted into office if he continues deprecating his voters as “stupid people.”

Were you hurt by his deprecating remark about your “little” career?

I can still remember when that awful teacher asked me in a deprecating tone: “And what exactly did you mean to say in your essay?”

Shaking his head deprecatingly, the coach mumbled something about the lack of talent amongst his pupils.

Gino and Astrid are always so self-deprecating about their progress in English, saying they are hopeless, while in fact they’re the best students in the class!

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