Don’t Put these English Nouns into the Plural – Can I Give You Some Informations?


If you copy this article to Word, you’ll already see that informations is not a word in English. The word information exists only in the singular (so only one, not many).

What happens when you copy the article into Word?
You’ll see a wavy red line under the word informations, right?

When you click on your right mouse button, the spell checker will suggest that you use the word information.

So there you have it. You cannot use information with an s at the end. So you can’t use it in the plural.

Information is just one of the words of which students of English often think that they can be used in the plural. But they can’t.

Some other words that you should be wary of not using them in the plural (so not with –s) are:





Oil gas petrol fuel


Hair (one hair is something you can count, so someone can have two hairs on their head, but otherwise hair is only in the singular).


Infrastructure (= the basic services in a society)











Do this exercise online here.

Fill in the right word. Only one word in the whole exercise is used in the plural. All the others are in the singular. Choose between:

knowledge, justice, furniture, information, weather, money, travel, hair, advice, evidence, infrastructure

1 Irina has a lovely full head of auburn __________.

2 All his arguments were wrong-headed; but Colin was trying to uphold the ___________ of his cause.

3 The ___________ in the coming days is going to be terrible with temperatures rising to the mid-forties.

4 We’re looking for ___________ about hotels in the city and also about the public transport.

5 Cynthia is always telling stories about her __________ in faraway places.

6 The city debated improving the ___________ of roads, lanterns and signposts before the marathon would be held in it.

7 Most of Orian’s ___________ was old and worn, but his sofa looked prehistoric.

8 Let me give you some last __________ before you leave on your trip to South Africa: don’t go alone over the street at night and don’t carry expensive jewellery.

9 I need more ____________ to pay for my growing expenses.

10 Your judgements should be based on thorough ____________ of the facts.

11 The defence has mixed up the ___________ that the two witnesses brought forward.

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