In My Opinion – Using Correct Prepositions when You Express your Opinions


You need to use the correct prepositions when you say things like:

In my opinion, …

From my point of view, …

To my mind …


So something like from my opinion doesn’t work!

I hear these things a lot from my students.

Let’s have another exercise with this.

You can do this exercise online here.

Choose the right preposition.

1 Teachers are ridiculously overpaid, ________ my opinion.

2 ______ what I see, they work much less than the average employee who work in serious professions, and they’re on holiday half the year.

3 __________ a teacher’s point of view, however, things look a little different.

4 There’s no doubt ________ their minds that the teaching profession is undervalued.

5 According ___________ education pundits, they really do have a point as the quality of education is being badly eroded.

6 ______ my mind, they’re exaggerating.

7 I believe _______ giving children a nice shiny tablet and a few jolly games, and they will learn to do their multiplication tables in no time at all.

8 I’m ___________ favour of YouTube schools where teachers only walk around to help the students solve their homework assignments.

9 There is no question __________ it that students could easily take over the jobs of teachers and they’d work for free!

10 It’s a pity that the government is so old-fashioned in their views _________ what a good education consists of.

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