What Would You Like? – Sentences and Questions with Would Like

When you go to a restaurant or a shop, it doesn’t sound good if you say: I want this and that. Children talk like that.

The polite way to ask for things is with “I’d like.”

The “’d” stands for “would.”

If you would like something, it means you want something.

You could say:

I’d like orange juice, please.

I’d like the steak, please.

I’d like a cheese omelette.

I’d like this shirt in a size M.

I’d like to try these trousers/pants.

If someone else would like something, you can shorten the sentence or the question with “’d.” (The same as with I.)

You can use you’d, she’d, he’d, we’d, they’d.


You’d like a croissant.

She’d like that silver necklace.

He’d like to pay cash.

We’d like a pair of leather gloves.

They’d like these shoes in another colour.

For questions you can’t shorten the “would.”

Examples of questions with “would:”

Would you like to charge your credit card?

Would he like one or two eggs?

What would you like to order?

What would they like for lunch?

i'd likeNeal Fowler


In this super easy exercise you’re going to make sentences and questions with “Would.”

Put the words in the right order.


coffee He’d in like sugar his.

Your answer:

He’d like sugar in his coffee.

Do this quiz online here.

1.  like Would this you try to on ?
2.  with pay like Visa to I’d .
3.  another tie in I’d this colour like .
4.  the Caesar . like salad She’d
5.  pizza . like small He’d a
6.  would like breakfast they for What ?
7.  I’d cream strawberry ice some . like
8.  please bag , the I’d red .
9.  cream you like your some with cake Would ?

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