Quick Guide about Using Whose — includes Two Exercises

 Tiny Dancer Em “Whose” can be a question word and a relative pronoun. (A relative pronoun connects two sentences.) It means: belonging to someone. If you ask: “Whose bag is this?”, you want to know whom this bag belongs to. Is it Sandra’s bag or Wilbert’s bag or somebody else’s? Another example: “Whose birthday is… Continue reading Quick Guide about Using Whose — includes Two Exercises

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Relative Clauses with Whose

This subject is on request: Let’s practise making sentences with “whose.” Whose is a relative pronoun. Other relative pronouns are: who, which, and that. by Leonard Bentley You need a relative pronoun if you want to combine two sentences. For instance: Suppose you have the two following sentences: 1 The boy won the poetry contest.… Continue reading Relative Clauses with Whose

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