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Expressions with Make or Take

You might know some examples where you asked yourself: “Do I need to use make or do?” At the end of this article I’m adding links to some quizzes about make or do. But now we’ll talk about make or take. This week I heard someone make a mistake with make and take. Instead of take… Continue reading Expressions with Make or Take

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Phrasal Verbs Presentation

Clink on the underneath link, and turn on your speakers! http://go.knovio.com/watch/4f45055af0ae452f899c7b7e4c8fc9dd And here’s an exercise with the verbs that are used: Choose from the following verbs, put it in the right form, and add the correct preposition (in, to, over, for, out, on, up, down, around, of, off, along, etc): Put switch (2x) take get look… Continue reading Phrasal Verbs Presentation

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