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When to Use The with People (Definite Article)

About the Definite Article (The) Yesterday there was an interesting question on Reddit. I hope you’re all following this great forum website, where there are lovely people to talk with about all kinds of interesting subjects. The sub-Reddits that you’d want to follow are called Grammar and English Learning. English Learning isn’t very busy, so… Continue reading When to Use The with People (Definite Article)

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Vocab and Expressions about Days and Nights

When is noon? How do you call the day before yesterday? What is the word for 12 o’clock at night? And things like that. The Parts of the Day First of all, the parts of the day that you call morning, afternoon and evening are strictly divided in English (in other languages, not always). Morning… Continue reading Vocab and Expressions about Days and Nights

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Word to the Wise: baffle

baffle (verb) – confuse, be or make unable to understand baffled/baffling (adjective) – confused/confusing, unable to understand Examples of how you can use baffle: His behaviour lately baffled his professors. Why had his grades gone down so much? Your question baffles me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find out an answer. With a… Continue reading Word to the Wise: baffle

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