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Practise your English by chatting with English learners and a few native speakers from all over the world. Our group is nice and small now, but if you want to join, you are welcome, of course. Just send me your (international) phone number to get started.

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Conversation · Pronunciation · speaking

Speech Shadowing Technique for English

Improve your speaking, without a teacher! Sometimes you hear people talk about practising your English with the Speech Shadowing Technique. What is that and how can you use it to improve your English on your own? Shadowing technique or speech shadowing means talking at the same time or just after you hear a native speaker… Continue reading Speech Shadowing Technique for English

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Conversation · English fluency · ESL grammar · expressions · Grammar · speaking

So Do I and Neither Do I – Agreeing with Someone in Conversation

Watch this video to learn how to agree when a friend or someone else tells you something. You’ll learn how to say: So do I. I do, too. Neither do I. I don’t, either. And of course, the most important thing, when to say each of them. Things to do after you’ve watched the video:… Continue reading So Do I and Neither Do I – Agreeing with Someone in Conversation

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reading comprehension · reading tips · speaking · vocabulary

English Learning Tips for 2016

Make this your best English learning year with these tips. I’m not saying these tips are original, but sometimes you just need to try something small to make a big change. EwaS Read? Really? People read more than ever, but it’s mostly social media and personal messages. As you’ve probably noticed when you read snippets in… Continue reading English Learning Tips for 2016

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