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Speech Shadowing Technique for English

Improve your speaking, without a teacher! Sometimes you hear people talk about practising your English with the Speech Shadowing Technique. What is that and how can you use it to improve your English on your own? Shadowing technique or speech shadowing means talking at the same time or just after you hear a native speaker… Continue reading Speech Shadowing Technique for English

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Quick Tips for Learning How to Improve Your English Accent

By Harriet Anderson If you’re learning how to speak English, learning to pronounce words is the best way to get started. There are many types of English accents. There are the American accent and the British accent. But those are not the only ones, as English is also the first language of people in Canada,… Continue reading Quick Tips for Learning How to Improve Your English Accent

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Practice Your Pronunciation the Fun Way

By Miranda Carter Some sounds used in the English language are unique and hard to pronounce. Are you having trouble with certain vowel or consonant sounds? Do some numbers sound the same when you speak them aloud? Let’s try a couple of good ways to practice pronunciation. The more you practice, the better your speaking… Continue reading Practice Your Pronunciation the Fun Way

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