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Sentence Transformation with Though

Though is normally used as a less formal form of although. And you can use although to express a contrast between two facts. Often, the contrast will be surprising. Here is an example: Although it had been raining for weeks, nobody got depressed. You’d expect people to get depressed when they see nothing but rain,… Continue reading Sentence Transformation with Though

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When to Use The with People (Definite Article)

About the Definite Article (The) Yesterday there was an interesting question on Reddit. I hope you’re all following this great forum website, where there are lovely people to talk with about all kinds of interesting subjects. The sub-Reddits that you’d want to follow are called Grammar and English Learning. English Learning isn’t very busy, so… Continue reading When to Use The with People (Definite Article)

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Do You Make These Mistakes?

I’ve recently had a hilarious chat with the helpdesk at WordPress. (My blog is made with WordPress.) Why was it hilarious? Not because I had to laugh about the helpdesk person’s English. In fact, he or she (?) has good English. That had I had to laugh had more to do with the absurdity of the… Continue reading Do You Make These Mistakes?

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Requests with Will You and Could You

Matt Wharton Today you’re going to learn about how to request things with a command, and then adding will you or could you at the end. They look like this: Send me the email before 5 pm, will you? Buy some bread on your way home, could you? You may have noticed that the will… Continue reading Requests with Will You and Could You

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