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How to Choose a Topic for an Argumentative Essay

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Here’s a list of unique narrative essay topics for middle school (alternatively, if you don’t find any good topic for you here, DoMyEssay will write your essay.)  If you need any other assistance online with your paper, the service can quickly find someone for you. Pay less for high-quality help.

  • The time when I had to tell a lie. Discuss why it was important to lie; was it to protect someone else; to not hurt a friend’s feelings or to cover up your actions?

  • If I could see only one color. Would it be your favorite color? What problems do you think that you would encounter? How could you describe your experience?

  • My worst travel experience. You really need to set the scene for this essay topic, as you want to impress on your reader the uniqueness of your experience.

  • Life in 2050. This topic can be as unique or as awesome as your imagination. Choose one or two areas to write about in-depth. Planning is the key here.

  • 4 things that I cannot live without. Make this personal, focus on the use of the ‘things’ that are personal to you, as they may not have the same value to others.

  • What I would most like to invent. Something that you feel that you need personally or something that a family member or the community could benefit.

  • The first time I…. how did you feel before, during and after the event. Set the scene about the event whether it was starting school or giving a speech.

  • Living in the past. Choose a time in the past. It could be 10 years ago, 100 or 1000. Describe a day on your life and how it compares to life today.

  • My most useful gadget. This could be a tool, cell phone or anything that you regularly rely on. What does it mean to you and how would you cope without it?

  • Being Prepared. In our daily lives, not everything goes to plan. How do you cope with when timetables or routines are changed for no immediate reason?

  • How I supported a friend that was being bullied. Set the scene, write about how you felt and what support you provided. Describe the outcome.

  • A Movie that has never been made. Do you have an idea for a movie? Why is your idea unique? How do you think that an audience would respond?

  • Goals that I have set. These goals do not have to be large goals as small goals can be just as important. How did you feel when you achieved a goal you had set.

  • What I experienced was just so weird. Describe the setting and relate why the experience was so weird? Have you experienced anything similar?

  • To be someone else for a day. Do you think that you would do a better job than that person, or would it just be nice to have a change?


Great Topics for 6th Grade Students

Since this topic of dress code is so controversial right now, students are interested in voicing their opinion. In order to give students a voice, teachers can assign persuasive essay papers. Here are 12 good topics about dress codes for students in 6th grade:

  1. Why are girls’ and boys’ dress codes so different?

  2. What should be the proper punishment for students who violate the dress code?

  3. What should be the appropriate dress code for female students and for male students?

  4. Is it better to have school uniforms or dress codes? Explain your answer.

  5. Many schools have female dress codes where girls’ skirts and shorts should be “fingertip length.” Research this rule and discuss whether or not it is should be used or not.

  6. What can parents do to help their children stay in compliance with school dress codes?

  7. How do school dress codes prepare students for life in the world of work?

  8. Research dress codes in schools in at least three other countries. Then, decide which dress code rules are the best.

  9. Why do you think schools have dress codes? Are they still necessary today?

  10. Dress codes are usually just for students. Should adults in schools have dress codes, too? Why or why not?

  11. Who makes the decisions about dress codes in your school? To what extent should students be involved in making policy about dress codes?

  12. Is the dress code an issue of personality? What happens to student expression when students have to wear uniforms to school?

When you decide on a topic for dress codes, you might have to do a bit of research to find data and historical facts. You might even need to interview a school board member, a principal, or a teacher to find out information about dress codes in your school district.

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