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How to Practice English in Singapore

English is one of the primary languages embraced in many countries as both a national and official language. In Singapore, English is one of the official languages in combination with Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. You might be wondering how you can learn the language in a country where it is not the native tongue. Despite this, English is well-spoken in the country because Singapore was once a colony of Britain. The following are some of the best ways to enrich your English vocabulary while living in Singapore:

Take English Courses

The best way to get started is by enrolling at a learning facility that focuses on teaching English. These professionals can teach you the language regardless of your age and origin. You could also find a tutor who can give you personalized attention. There are tailor-made tutorials for learning English depending on your needs, whether for conversation or business communication purposes. There are plenty of schools and tutors who teach English in Singapore, thereby giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Mingle With the Locals

There is no better way to learn a language than socializing with people who speak it. If you have just visited the country through the help of Visa Express experts, they may have mentioned to you that English is spoken by almost all locals. Start with visiting the markets and get to know the names of items in English. Since Singapore is a popular destination for Westerners, you will probably meet one who will be willing to teach you some words. They can also help you practice what you have already learned. You can also teach them your language in return. Get a friend who is conversant to regularly teach you and also help you practice.

Visit Libraries

Visit local libraries and enjoy reading English books, magazines, and online articles. Reading is one of the best ways to ensure that what you have learned is not forgotten easily. This is because you can refer to a book as many times as you want. With the help of dictionaries and other collections of information, you can easily learn the meaning of words and how they are pronounced. Start with less complex books and articles like storybooks, and then progress to more complex writings.  

Watch English Programs and Movies

Have fun while learning English by watching English films and programs. Start with those with subtitles, and with time, you will grasp some words without having to read the subtitles. Turn off the subtitles and try to understand the movie through emotions and nonverbal cues. You will get to know the meaning of words used in the film by gradually picking up commonly used phrases. These programs and films are easily available on TV or can be streamed online.


Like any other language, English can be a monumental task to learn. Consider the fact that every person has a different capacity when it comes to learning a new language. Therefore, patience and persistence will go a long way to ensure you attain your goal of learning the language.

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