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Word to the Wise: reprieve

reprieve (verb) – to prevent/postpone (put at a later date) or bring relief (make something less serious or hard)

reprieve (noun) – something that is prevented, postponed or that brings relief

Examples of how you can use reprieve:

It was discovered that the exam questions had been leaked, so the exam was reprieved.

The convinced criminal’s punishment was reprieved as new evidence had come in.

The judge reprieved the sentence of the murderers.

The clouds reprieved us from the burning sun.

My mother’s generous birthday gift reprieved my bank account.

The merger with the powerful company was a reprieve for the small business.

It could be that the warm days of last week are only a reprieve before the rainy season begins.

Fixing the toilet flush may only be a temporary reprieve; there is a chance that the pipes need fixing.

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