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When to Use The with People (Definite Article)

About the Definite Article (The)

Yesterday there was an interesting question on Reddit. I hope you’re all following this great forum website, where there are lovely people to talk with about all kinds of interesting subjects. The sub-Reddits that you’d want to follow are called Grammar and English Learning. English Learning isn’t very busy, so most non-natives now go to Grammar to ask their questions.

Anyway, the question went like this:


In case you’d like to read the rest of the comments, which are all valuable and make for entertaining reading, click here.

Now here’s a video where you can practise deciding whether to use the or not, with people. Typically, I find that my students make a lot of mistakes with using the. And they especially find it difficult to decide whether it should be people or the people. So maybe you have this same question. Check it out:

And while you’re at it, why not do some more quizzes about the definite article and about a/an (indefinite article) and the zero article as well:


A and Some




Or if you want to learn more about how to use them, read this first:

The Definite Article is used with which words?

The Indefinite Article

Still have questions about the subject of this post? Let other learners know in a comment.

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