Join Our Whatsapp Group

Practise your English by chatting with English learners and a few native speakers from all over the world.

Our group is nice and small now, but if you want to join, you are welcome, of course.

Just send me your (international) phone number to get started.

Join Whatsapp

387 thoughts on “Join Our Whatsapp Group

  1. My goal is to speak english correctly,confidently & fluently….
    pls add me in this group..
    Thanks alot


  2. What’s up everybody who is interested in learning English. I’m very interested in learning English through phoning and chatting. Please add me to your group.My whatsapp number +27748564059.


    1. Hi!!! I want to improve my English chatting with some people. My name is Belén and I from Argentina. Please add me: +5403624166761 and thanks


  3. Hi my name is Gabriel.
    I am front in Brazil, please join me with group whatsapp? My number is +5519998538454.



  4. currently I am doing BBA IN Mangalore nd I am not so fluent in English . I hope by joining this group I can improve ma English


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