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Summer Stories – Free Download until 5 May

By Jacqueline Schaalje

My story book with quizzes for English learners is free the next three days: 5 May is the last day.

So hurry and get your free copy.


1) The price won’t stay $0.00 forever. You can download it free until midnight 5 May. After that time it will cost $2.99.

2) You need to download the Kindle app to read the book. This is free.

You can download Kindle on your PC/laptop. Follow this link.

In case you’ve got a Mac, follow this link.

For Android telephones and tablets, go to the Google Play Store.

For iPhone and iPad, go to the iTunes Store.

Should you run into any difficulties, here is a link to an explanation about the download process.

Once, you’ve got your Kindle app, you need to set up an account to store your library of books and magazines. This is free. Now you’re ready to click on the link to the book, or find it in your browser.

Now you’re ready to start reading. The stories all have quizzes, and their answers are at the end of the book. I’ve aimed not to make them too hard to read, but story number 10 is harder, and story number 3 is easier. You will know a number of stories if you’ve been reading my newsletters for a while, but 6 stories are new.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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