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_________ Fool – Instant Idiom

It’s 1 April, April Fools Day

Guess the idiom.

__________ fool – someone who cannot be tricked or is hard to trick.

Choose the right answer:

  1. clownish
  2. God’s
  3. nobody’s
  4. wise



scroll down for the answer



scroll some more




The right answer is:

foolMichael Miller


Here are some examples of how you can use nobody’s fool:

I don’t like how you talk down to your little sister. She may not be so wise yet, but she’s nobody’s fool.

We’ll have to tell the team soon about the planned downsize. Already there are rumours going round. They’re nobody’s fool, you see.

The cat won’t drink that milk. What he wants is meat. He’s nobody’s fool, you know.

fool catStephanie Beavers

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