What did important people say this week? Obama said remnant


President Barack Obama was the first American president in 88 years to visit Cuba. This is what he said in his speech to the Cuban people:

“I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.”

Yes, and it’s about time.

Obama also mentioned a few things he did and didn’t like about Cuba and the communist regime.

Like: Cuban doctors help the needed around the world.

Unlike: Locking up of people who speak out against the regime.

But what did Obama mean with remnant?

obama2Mark Hillary

Word to the Wise: remnant

This word comes from the same root as remain = stay. Remainder and remnant are both words for the same thing = something that is left.

remnant (noun) – something that is left, especially something from the past.

Here are some examples of how you can use remnant:

The palaces are the beautiful remnants of the city’s former glory.

It’s very rare to find remnants of human clothing from a thousand years ago.

Before he could break down completely, a remnant of his old optimism gave him new hope.

There were some remnants of puddles in the streets, but the rain was gone.

The tsunami had washed away every remnant of their house.

remnantRick Seidel

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