Word to the Wise: voracious

voracious (adjective) – (eating) with great hunger or greed

voraciously (adverb) – (eating) with great hunger or greed

voraciousness (noun) – the need to eat or do some activity with a lot of eagerness or greed

This word comes from the Latin vorax = swallow greedily (devour).

voraciousMartin Thomas

Here are some examples of how you can use voracious:

We’ll need to prepare large portions of food for my cousins because they are voracious eaters.

Mathilda was such a voracious reader that she finished all the children’s books in the library even before schoolgoing age.

That little Mark was a highly gifted kid was clear because he studied a lot of different information voraciously.

The fox swallowed the chicken he had just caught voraciously.

The voraciousness of the market means it’s easy to sell your products.

That there are so few fish left in the oceans is mainly due to our sheer voraciousness.

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