Word to the Wise: lachrymose

lachrymose or lachrimose (adjective) [pronounce: lak-ri-mus]– causing someone to cry, or crying easily

lachrymosely or lachrimosely (adverb) – causing someone to cry, or crying easily

lachrymosity or lachrimosity (adjective) – the tendency to cry or giving cause to tears

This word comes from the Latin lacrima = tear.

lachMartin Thomas

Here are some examples of how you can use lachrymose:

Lachrymose mourners stood around the coffin.

She wrote a lachrymose letter to her son asking him to come home soon.

Night flights never mean a few quiet hours of sleep, due to there being one or more lachrymose infants on board.

The funeral horns were being blown lachrymosely.

“Help me please,” pleaded the beggar lachrymosely.

Peter Wilson was usually good fun and not known for his lachrymosity, but his speech made me wipe away some tears.

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