Word to the Wise: reprehend

reprehend (verb) – criticize strongly

reprehension (noun) – strong criticism

reprehensive (adjective) – strongly criticizing

reprehensible (adjective) – deserving strong criticism

Please note the difference between reprehensive and reprehensible. They’re opposites.

evil stare

Here are some examples of how you can use these words:

Teachers should reprehend their students firmly for cheating.

The politician was about to reprehend the building of a casino in her state, but then she thought of the possible economic benefits.

The high tech executive was the aim of a lot of reprehension when he said something nasty about homeless people.

“I’m sick of your patronizing reprehension whenever I make a mistake,” I’ve wanted to tell my boss for a long time.

The children received such reprehensive warnings from their teacher that many parents wanted to take their children out of the class.

Boycotting a country is a reprehensive act.

Most people would say it’s morally reprehensible to sell drugs to children.

Besides pulling her hair, he did some other things which were far more reprehensible.

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