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Instant Idiom: _____________ Away

__________ away – working very hard on something.

Choose the right answer:

A slave

B drudge

C double

D sweat



scroll down for the answer



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The right answer is:

slave A. Slave.

(It’s easy to see where this expression comes from. Slaves usually work very hard. Today, unfortunately, slavery still exists.)

Note: You can also use slave over. This means work hard, too, while standing or sitting over something. See underneath for some examples.

Examples of slave away and over:

Timmy has been slaving away in his job as a cleaner.

Do you think that workers want to slave away for $6 an hour?

Father’s been slaving over the cashew cake for an hour, but it’s come out really yummy.

Mother is slaving away pulling all the weeds in the garden.

I’ve been slaving over my article since this morning.

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