6 Things to Watch and Do During the Holidays

As always, I recommend a few things that you can watch or listen to while you’re having to spend a few boring days with your family.

1 First a song to get you in the mood:

Let there be peace on earth. We really need it.

Adventure Time is a wacky cartoon and also really cute (not just for children). Watch full episodes here.

2 Nothing is better than to switch the TV on and just mindlessly watch something silly.

For silliness, there is nothing better than Doctor Who.

I started watching this series as a child, then didn’t watch it for years and years, and now I follow it off and on.

It’s always funny, surprising and absurd.

If you want to have a great evening, I also recommend printing out the script and taking roles to read together. You can even act them out. I’ve done that once with a class of adult students and we had great fun.

Follow this link to the Dr Who scripts. 

Dr Who Christmas Special

Dr Who Watch Online 

This is the song from the Dr Who 2013 Christmas Special:

For more Christmas specials, have a look here.



3 You can finally catch up watching a series.

Series are the new movies and the new books, all in one. Too lazy to play a game: watch a series. Too tired to sleep: watch a series. Too excited to do something creative: watch a series.

Here are some suggestions.  

4 Love to sing?

Sign up to sing for composer Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. You can submit your voice from your bedroom.

Here is the final result and a TED Talk by the composer explaining how it all began. Absolutely stunning music and voices.

5 Download Kindle or buy a Kindle Reader and finally start reading English books.

No, I don’t get money from Amazon to write this.

There are free books and magazines every day. Your reading experience will change completely – for most people positively, although you might want to keep some paper books too.

What can you read? It depends on your level, but I’d recommend Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates. They’re both great writers that are easy to digest. (They have very different styles though.) What’s also good about them is that they write a lot of books. And that their books are discounted often. So sometimes you can get this book for a few pennies and sometimes that book.

6 Best Movie of 2015?

I don’t know but I personally liked The Martian best. With Matt Damon.

Watch it here.

After that I liked Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise.

For these movies to work you sometimes need to click twice.

Have fun.

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