Animal Families: What to Call Female, Male and Baby Animals

Animals have families too!

Check out this infographic to learn the names for male, female and child animals.

Animal Families

These names are used a lot in literature: in poems and stories about farming etc., so it’s good if you know them.

Also it’s good for your general knowledge to be aware of the different names for female and male animals.

Want to know more:

Here is a handy index with even more animals.
Now you can do a quiz to test your knowledge.


You can do this quiz online here. 

Choose the right answer.

A baby fish is called a __________.

A young horse is called a __________.

A female pig is a __________.

A female cow is called a __________.

A male hamster is a ___________.

A male dog is a __________.

A baby cat is a __________.

What do you call a female parrot?

What do you call a baby cow?

What do you call a male duck?

What do you call a female mouse?

Want to do other vocabulary quizzes? Here there are a lot:


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