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Instant Idiom: As __________

As __________ – as was explained before or how everybody understands it

Choose the right answer:

A like

B much

C such

D little




scroll down for the answer






scroll some more






The right answer is:

as suchUS Department of Agriculture

Note: You can live a full and happy life without ever using this idiom. It usually doesn’t add much meaning but you will see it used in legal texts and other formal means of communication where someone is trying to show you how good their English is and/or how well they can write.

Here are some examples of how you can use as such:

The River Green runs behind my house, but it isn’t a river as such. It’s more like a small stream.

His job title is International Relations Manager, but as such we don’t have any department by that name, so he’s only managing himself.

Glenda will be our new chairperson, and as such she will be leading our monthly meetings.

Mr Cavendish will be appointed Foreign Secretary, and as such his first foreign visit will bring him to South Korea.

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