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Word to the Wise: Fleet and Fleeting

These words may look the same, but they mean something different.

Fleet (noun) – a group of boats or airplanes (sometimes also used for cars)

Fleet (verb) – pass (in time)

Fleeting (adjective) – passing quickly (in time)

fleetDavid Yu

Here are some examples of how you can use fleet and fleeting:

The Armada was a huge fleet of ships sent by Spain to destroy England, but it was defeated by the English in 1588.

The fishing company has a fleet of five boats.

Singapore Airlines maintains a modern fleet, with the average age of each airplane only seven years.

I was so busy that the winter just fleeted by.

It was unbelievable how fast time fleeted at the party.

Her beauty is fleeting away.

I gave the book only a fleeting glance, so I don’t really know what’s inside.

The witness got only a fleeting glimpse (= look) of the burglar, but he is sure it was a man.

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