Word to the Wise: involve and evolve


Two words that are often confused:

involve (verb) – to include or get inside

evolve (verb) – develop or change gradually

Involvement and evolvement are the nouns.

Here are some examples of how you can use involve and evolve:


I opened my neighbour’s letter and now I’m afraid to get involved in a fight when she discovers.

My colleague is involved in a love affair with the boss.

The parents of the pupils are involved in a big argument with the school’s management.

Proofreading my friend’s article involved all my skills and concentration.

A truck and two cars were involved in the accident.

Does your job involve any travel abroad?

What was his involvement in the crime?

This project doesn’t need my involvement, so I can take a rest.


The story he wrote evolved into a novel.

How did humans evolve from apes?

Butterflies evolve after a caterpillar sleeps inside a cocoon.

The universe has been evolving for billions of years.

People’s faces evolve as they get older.

Parents are usually fascinated by the physical and cognitive evolvement of their children.

She studies the evolvement of popular myths that have been reworked into modern art.

Question: What is devolve?

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