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Expressions with Make or Take

You might know some examples where you asked yourself: “Do I need to use make or do?”

At the end of this article I’m adding links to some quizzes about make or do.

But now we’ll talk about make or take.

This week I heard someone make a mistake with make and take. Instead of take they said make. Trying to remember what this person said has deprived me of sleep all week. I forgot. It’s my age.

But never mind, I’ve made a small list of some expressions that you can use with either make or take.

Make and take are used a lot too in English expressions, or idioms.

Here’s an example of this is: make a point.

If you make a point it means that what you say makes sense (it’s reasonable).

You can also take a point. This means you are convinced by someone’s argument. For instance you’ve explained me something and now you’ve persuaded me that your side of seeing things is the right way. So I’ll say: “I’ll take your point.”

What Do Make and Take Mean When They’re Not Expressions?

Make means to fix or build something.

And take means to put in your hands or carry.

Okay, so here is a mini list for you to practise some important combinations with take and with make.

Make or Take ESL Expressions Lesson (1)

After you’re read the infographic, you can take a quiz (yes, with take, not make).


Choose a form of make or take.

You can do this quiz online here. 

1 I’m not sure where this small road _________ me.

2 Would you like to __________ a seat?

3 What’s your point? – I was trying to __________ it clear to you if only you’d listen.

4 Is it easy to __________ friends when it’s your first day on campus?

5 We need to __________ a decision whether we’ll rent or buy a house.

6 Your cat is always __________ problems.

7 You could see Priscilla was completely __________ by our new neighbour. She couldn’t stop smiling.

8 I’m tired. Let’s __________ a break.

9 How long does it ___________ from here to the airport?

10 How about _________ a date on Saturday afternoon?

Why not also try some Make or Do Quizzes?

Quiz 1 about Make or Do

Quiz 2 about Make or Do

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