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Invitations 2: How to Decline an Invitation + Quiz

In this video you will learn how to politely and effectively decline an invitation. It means that when someone asks you to do something together or go out together, you will be able to say thank you, but I can’t — in a nice way.

Earlier Videos about Invitations and Accepting an Invitation

In case you’ve missed the other videos about invitations and accepting invitations, click on the links.

After you’ve watched the video, you can do the quiz.


The Invitations Quiz

Click to do this quiz online. 

Choose a suitable answer or question to an invitation.

1 Would you like to come to dinner at our house tonight?

Yes, I’d love to.

Well no, but maybe some other time.

2 Vivian and I are going bicycling this afternoon. Want to join us?

I’d be delighted.

Sounds good. Where to?

3 I’ve got theatre tickets for a new cool play. Let’s go see it tonight, what do you say?

Sounds great.

I’d love to come.

4 I’ve got tickets for a football match on Saturday. Want to come?

I’m afraid I’m going to be busy then.

Sorry, I have other plans.

5 We’d like to invite you to our wedding on Wednesday.

I’d be delighted.

Great. What time?

6 Can you come to my birthday party? I’m celebrating on Friday evening.

I’m afraid I’m going to be up to my ears in work then.

Of course. I’d love to.

7 What’s the invitation?: Sounds good. What’s playing?

Want to catch a movie?

I’d like to invite you to a first screening of our new movie.

8 What’s the invitation?: Sorry, I can’t then. Maybe some other time.

I have movie tickets for the premiere of a new musical.

Can you meet me for lunch tomorrow?

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