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Word to the Wise: inflate and deflate

inflate (verb) – blow up with air or gas, or make bigger (in general)

deflate (verb) – let the air or gas out, or make smaller

Note: inflate and deflate are opposites

reflate (verb) – blow up again (re means again)

inflation (noun) – the act of filling something with air, or economic inflation which means that prices go up

deflation (noun) – the act of letting the air out, or economic inflation which means that prices go down

Note: inflation and deflation are opposites.


Here are some examples of how you can use inflate and deflate:

Do you know how to inflate this camping bed?

The excessive praise inflated her ego.

My car drove over a sharp object and within minutes the tyre deflated so that I had to stop.

The economic crisis caused prices to deflate.

Angry citizens are demonstrating because due to the inflation they don’t have money to buy basic goods.

Nobody complains when there is deflation because we’ll have more money to buy telephones and clothes, but in the long run deflation can ruin the economy.

Is there a way to reflate this balloon?

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