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Invitations: Asking Someone out the Easy Way (not only for dating)

Watch this video to find out which English phrases to use when you want to ask someone out. This is not only for dating, but can be used for business or asking a friend to do something with you.

After you’ve watched the video, I have a question for you.



In the video I show you five different ways to ask someone out.


1 Would you like ?

2 Can you ?

3 I’d like to invite you

4 Let’s

5 Do you want

Which of these five is the most formal? Which is the least formal?

Answer at the bottom of this page.

Ready for the second video?

This is about how to respond to an invitation. This video is about saying yes, or accepting. (We’ll talk about declining an invitation in another video.)

Video 2 Accepting an Invitation


Okay, so now I owe you another video about declining invitations. Coming up soon!

And then I’ll also write an exercise.

Answer to the question about formal and informal invitations:

I’d like to invite you… is the most formal.

Let’s… is the least formal.

Do you want… is also informal.

Would you like… and Can you… are not formal and not informal, but nice and polite.

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