Word to the Wise: indolent

indolent (adjective) – inactive

indolently (adverb) – inactively

indolence (noun) – not doing anything

Note: If you’ve looked at the last Word of the Wise, you will notice that the endings of indolent and benevolent are the same!


Here are some examples of how you can use indolent:

The teacher was despairing at how indolent his students were: They never answered in class, nor did they do any class work.

Some indolent clouds were fixed in the air.

Medical science has concluded that indolent cancers are best not treated.

They were indolently hanging out on the beach, soft drinks in hand.

Cinderella did all the work while her wicked stepsisters lived a life of indolence.

That she is overweight is due to indolence and overeating.

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