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Your 10-Minute Guide to Building Words Infographic

How many words do you know for build?

Right, construct.

Well done.

But there are more.

And what’s the opposite of build?

Destroy, you say? Could be, but there are more precise words.

Learn all the vocabulary in this infographic.

Building Words Vocabulary Guide

And then do the quiz.


Click here to do this quiz online. 

Only one word is correct.

How is the _____________ going of your new home, Bill?

They’ve started the ___________ of the stone bridge. It will be replaced by a suspended one.

The children ____________ a train out of chairs and old tents, isn’t that nice?

As larger ships want to use the Panama Canal, another, bigger lock needed to be _____________.

The Hoover Dam Bypass was ______________ to connect Arizona with Nevada.

The _____________ that the municipality contracted are specialized in asphalt and concrete.

What’s that funny ____________ at the back end of your garden? Is it a bower?

Firmly shaking each other’s hands at the end of the long conversation ____________ our friendship.

The orphanage was ____________ in the 18th century, but later it came into use as a prison.

They _____________ a playground in front of our house to the delight of parents with small children.

Want to do more vocabulary quizzes?

Have a look here.

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