Word to the Wise: dense

See-ming Lee

dense (adjective) – pressed together.

densely (adverb) – pressed together

density, denseness (noun) – the quality of being pressed together

condense (verb) – make smaller, shorter or more concentrated

condensable/condensible (adjective) – can be made smaller, shorter or more concentrated

condensability/condensibility (noun) – the ability to be made smaller, shorter or more concentrated

dense2Kevin Dooley

Here are some examples of how you can use dense:

The forest was so dense that you couldn’t see the sky.

The cardboard of the coffee table seemed densely packed together, but when it got wet, little pieces broke off.

Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world.

The glass has such high density that you can’t see through it.

What’s the density of this gas?

The smoke in the room was unhealthily dense.

The city was covered by dense smog.

You could easily condense your 100-page manuscript into half of it.

To make condensed milk the water has been removed.

Which gases are condensable?

A gas’s solubility increases with its condensability. (This word is only used in technical contexts.)

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